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What Keeps Me Sane

What Keeps Me Sane

“These poems . . . knock the wind out of you. You’ll get lost in the haunting beauty and terrible sadness of Cintrón’s What Keeps Me Sane. You may have to pinch your skin or bit your fleshy palm in order to stay in the pages. But you’ll remember these words on your path to sanity and realize that you are not traveling alone.”

Lolita Hernandez, author of Autopsy of an Engine and Other stories from the Cadillac Plant

What Keeps Me Sane is [a] passionate brisa of images that clean and refresh as it comes to terms with the unfathomable . . . Esperanza Cintrón’s voice and images transcend the . . . NYC diaspora and its predominantly militant, male “mean street” voices and interweaves the subjective, cultural and historic richness of the Disaporican urban experience adding subtle, yet lush overtones of symbolic textural dimension.”

José M. Irízarry Rodríguez, Professor of English, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

What Keeps Me Sane is a choir of women’s voices. Cintrón’s work might differ from Nina Simone’s ‘Four Women’ but it is just as moving. Unlike Simone, she explores something much deeper than color . . . There is triumph as well as pain and hurt in the lives of Aiyo, Lily, Brisa and Plum. Cintrón’s work consists of story-telling jewels that . . . are meditations on what it means to be a woman and how to remain sane in this world.”

Ethelbert Miller, editor, Poet Lore magazine and director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University

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